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Tutoring by appointment

Summer 2018

Group study sessions are available for select courses throughout all three Summer terms. Group tutors can assist with questions, guided study, discussion and review. This study group approach gives tutoring support along with peer support. Group tutoring will be held twice a week for each summer term. Small group tutoring sessions consist of 1-5 students and meet every week throughout the semester.

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Signing Up

Students may request a one hour weekly recurring On-site Tutoring Appointment for the listed courses. On-site tutoring takes place in Strickler 107. Sign up for an on-site tutoring session by completing the in person (On-site) Tutor Request form.
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In Person (On-site) Tutor Request form

Our on-line tutoring sessions make getting help easy and convenient. Online tutors use chat and/or video chat to help students. You can request on-line tutoring sessions by using the On-line Tutoring Request Form

On-line Tutoring Request Form