Course Eligibilities

MATH: Students with an ACT Math sub score less than 19 (or equivalent SAT math score) may take a Accuplacer exam to determine eligibility.
Reading: Similarly, students with an ACT Reading sub score less than 20 (or an SAT Critical Reading score that is less than 470) MUST take the Reading Accuplacer exam to determine placement.

First-year engineering students are required to take an online diagnostic test, the SPEED Algebra Readiness Exam (ARE), to determine their readiness for their first engineering calculus course.

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Math GEN 103/104

REACH provides intervention courses for college mathematics (GEN 103/104) and college reading (GEN105).
The statewide college readiness standards include an ACT Math sub-score of 19 in college mathematics and an ACT Reading sub-score of 20 in college reading. In compliance with state law, the university requires that all university first-year, degree-seeking students with less than 24 credit hours who are admitted with mathematic or reading deficiencies participate in placement testing and course registration as determined by their placement test results. 

See the flyers for GEN 103 and 104: Special Topics in College Mathematics

Find out more about GEN103 and GEN104.

Reading GEN 105

Students whose scores on the ACCUPLACER Next Generation Reading exam are less than 244 (or whose scores on the KentuckY Online TEsting (KYOTE) Reading exam are less than 20) will be required to register for GEN 105, Special Topics in Supplemented College Reading during their first academic year.  Advisors working with students are obliged to assist them in developing an individual schedule of classes that meets this state mandate and university requirement.

Find out more about GEN105: Special Topics in Supplemented College Reading

Summer Math - Speed Calculus Preview Program

The Calculus Preview Program is a four-week, intensive review program for intermediate algebra and advanced algebra skills.  This program offers fast-paced instruction in a self-paced format. If a student successfully completes the program, he or she will be better prepared to handle the rigorous first few weeks of her/his first Speed Engineering course.

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