Learning Contract Program

All incoming college students whose unweighted, high school cumulative GPA was between a 2.0 – 2.49 are required to participate in a program designed to help connect them with critical academic support resources and staff who can help them with their first semester in college. We want to ensure that we are intentional with such support and do everything in our power to help you be academically successful.

Program Requirements

  1. Attend four required appointments during the fall semester:
    • Two with the REACH Learning Contract Coordinator (beginning and end);
    • One with an academic advisor for spring registration; and
  2. Consult with an academic advisor before dropping a class in the current semester.
  3. Attend one student success workshop in the REACH “Hackademic Series.”
  4. Complete the online financial education through Commonwealth Credit Union. To start visit: https://louisville.igrad.com/landing/welcome-reach-louisville
  5. Earn at least a 2.0 GPA in the current semester.

Additionally, please choose one activity that you will commit to during your first semester.

  • Participate in an established UofL mentoring program.
    • There are many offices on campus that offer mentoring programs. If a student participate in an established mentoring program, the student should have their mentor or the program director sign the form indicating that they were an active participant in the program.

  • Meet with a REACH tutor or attend Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) sessions at least 6 times throughout the semester.
    • REACH offers content tutoring in many 100 and 200-level courses as well as some 300 level courses. PAL is offered in 30 historically challenging courses. Attendance is monitored through TutorTrac.

  • Meet at least once with a staff member from an approved UofL office. Offices include those listed on the attached resource page.
    • There are many UofL offices that offer support to students. The staff member or a representatives of the office should update the university’s CardSmart platform or send a note to the Learning Contract Coordinator that you met with someone from that office at least once during the semester. The format of the meeting can be determined by the Office.

REACH is a unit of Strategic Enrollment Management & Student Success

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