REACH Accolades

REACH would like to acknowledge the following students for their accomplishments and highlight their future endeavors.

Hayley Benson

Hayley Benson, a senior Structured Learning Assistant from Louisville, was on the fall 2023 Dean’s List, had a research poster presentation at the 2024 Southeastern STEM Education Research Conference, and will seek her Master’s in Physiology at UofL’s School of Medicine in the fall.

Taylor DeSpain

Taylor DeSpain, GEN 105 graduate student from Louisville, won the Outstanding Graduate in College Student Personnel Program Award this year. She graduates in May and has accepted a Financial Aid Counselor position with Spalding University's Office of Financial Aid and starts this summer.

Charles Froman-Glover

Charles Froman-Glover, a senior Structured Learning Assistant from Louisville, completed his role as an Honors Scholar, was nominated for best senior honors thesis, earned Summa Cum Laude Latin honors for graduation, was admitted to the MD program at UofL and UK, and will attend UofL beginning in June. He had research presentations at the Kentucky Honors Roundtable and Posters at the Capitol. In April, he will participate in the international travel seminar with the honors program. He is currently developing a first author case report on bilateral meningioma with associated hyperostosis, and is a leading member in the Chen Glioblastoma Mechanobiology lab working to develop the thesis into a research article for peer review at a scientific journal.

Beverly Granger

Beverly Granger, a graduate student in the LRC from Louisville, has received a Fulbright ETA to Moldova for the 2024-25 academic year.

Olivia Hanke

Olivia Hanke, a senior LRC tutor from Louisville, received a Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship to Madrid, Spain for the 2024-25 school year. She says, "I'm very excited to use the teaching skills that I developed in my time at REACH!"

Hanna Hedayati

Hanna Hedayati, a senior LRC tutor from Corbin, KY, is an Honors Scholar and will attend medical school at the University of Louisville.

Elizabeth Hinsdale

Elizabeth Hinsdale, a senior Academic Coach from Independence, KY, has received the Student Employee of the Year Award award and the Women's Studies Excellence in Undergrad award.

Nick Lancaster

Nick Lancaster, a senior PAL Leader from Brandenburg, KY, has completed three co-op rotations (one at UPS Airlines in Louisville and two at the BMW Manufacturing Co. in Spartanburg, SC) and received the co-op of the year award for Mechanical Engineering. Beginning in the fall, he will begin his MS in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Kentucky.

Amelia Lowe

Amelia Lowe, a sophomore LRC tutor from Louisville, was awarded an MLF scholarship to study abroad. She will be studying abroad this summer in Lille, France, continuing her French studies and getting to experience the culture. She says, "I tutor French so I believe this will also be a good opportunity to further improve my tutoring sessions by bringing a greater familiarity with the language back to my tutees."

Grace Meredith

Grace Meredith, a senior LRC tutor from Elizabethtown, KY, worked with two other students to reactivate the Japan Club RSO. She served as the board vice president and will serve as president in the fall. The Japan Club provides a cohort for students to engage in educational/cultural activities, hear guest speakers, and connect with the community in an informal setting. She plans to apply for the Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) program which would allow her to earn her TESL certification and Japanese Language Proficiency Scholarships for exams. She has been working with her professors to grow the Japanese Language program by guest speaking in her professors' classes and working with the Japan Foundation.

Uria Park

Uria Park, a senior Structured Learning Assistant and former LRC tutor from Crestwood, KY, is expecting to graduate Summa Cum Laude and will attend the University of Louisville School of Dentistry with the goal of becoming a dentist.

Aysha Puzhakkaraillath

Aysha Puzhakkaraillath, a senior LRC tutor and Structured Learning Assistant from Louisville, will attend the University of Louisville School of Medicine in the fall.

Maliyah Smith

Maliyah Smith, a senior LRC tutor from Lexington graduates this spring and hopes to be employed. Taking a break from academia, she may pursue graduate school in the future.

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