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Speed Calculus Preview Program


What is the Speed Calculus Preview Program?

A four week intensive program designed specifically to help incoming Speed School freshmen who are enrolled in ENGR 100, 101, or 181 make the transition to engineering calculus.

Students who participate in the program will be given the opportunity to:

Strengthen their knowledge of advanced Algebra topics which are the foundation of all engineering courses.

Review material and prepare for the first few homework assignments and exams in Foundations of Applied Math (ENGR 181) or Speed Engineering Calculus (ENGR 100 or ENGR 101) courses

Work at their own pace and finish the program early once all lessons have been mastered

Potentially switch to ENGR 100 or 101 at the end of program participation *

*Students who complete the Calculus Preview Program will have the opportunity to take the Accuplacer. Students will be allowed to advance to a higher course if they receive the following scores:

  • AAF 250 or higher – Differential Calculus for Engineering (ENGR-100)
  • AAF 276 or higher – Engineering Analysis I (ENGR-101).

Students in the Calculus Preview Program must stay on schedule and complete all homework assignments and tests at an 80% mastery level. If a student procrastinates on assignments and is not self-motivated, that student may not be successful in this summer review program.

UofL Testing Services will offer Accuplacer testing opportunities onsite and online immediately following the program (there is a fee to take the exam).

Student recieving calculus tutoring

What are the advantages of the Speed Calculus Preview Program?

Unique instruction designed by REACH mathematics staff and Speed Engineering faculty

Taught using the same software that is required for ENGR 100, 101, 102, and 201

Increased ability and confidence when working through the algebra content required for success in ENGR 100, 101, and 181

90% of students who complete the program significantly improve their results on diagnostic tests

82% of students pass their first calculus course with an A, B, or C


How does it work

This program is offered online from June 30 – July 28. Students will work independently using a browser-based program, MyLabs, on their computers. They must stay on schedule and complete all homework assignments and tests at an 80% mastery level. A program facilitator will monitor student progress and be available to answer student questions during scheduled office hours or within 24 hours. The REACH Math Resource Center will provide free online tutoring support.

What is the cost?

  • $50 - REACH Calculus Preview Program fee.

  • $110 - MyLabs Software subscription. This software will be required for ENGR 100, 101, 102, and 201. By purchasing this access code for the summer program, you will be pre-purchasing the software you will need for the your ENGR math courses.

  • Program registration and the $50 payment is due to REACH by June 30. In addition, each student must purchase a software access code (approximately $110) directly from the software company. Information on how to register for the software will be sent after program payment has been received. No refunds will be made after June 30, 2023.

A generous donor to the university has agreed to provide $50 scholarships towards the program registration for the first 150 students who apply.

[data-A2] of 150 Scholarships are still available! Apply Now!