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2019-2020 Executive Summary

REACH had an exciting 2019-20 academic year and successfully supported students’ successdespite the inherent challenges presented by the COVID-19pandemic in mid-spring 2020.

Among our many accomplishments, we:

  • Demonstrated two years in a row that we have closed the achievement gap between students of color and Caucasian students through our GEN 103 and 104 intervention math courses
  • Expanded tutoring services in Biology (PAL), Engineering, and Public Health for the current AY thanks to several one-time grants (UofL student success funds)
  • Renovated the Computer Resource Center (Ekstrom)with one-timegrant funding
  • Successfully converted our entire SI modelt o PAL (Peer Assisted Learning)
  • Continued cohort analyses, which demonstrate that students utilizing REACH tutoring have statistically significant differences in terms of cumulative GPA, retention rates, and graduation rates compared to non-users
  • Served 65.7% of the entire 2019 cohort through tutoring services
  • Provided 82,535 hours of academic support and instruction; an 8.3% increase over 2018-19AY and the highest ever produced by REACH
  • Increased our service hours by 18.8% compared to the previous four-year average
  • Offered a historic high of15,519 tutoring hours through the Math Resource Center
  • Overall, students who utilized REACH tutoring and services in 2019-20 had a pass rate (A, B, or C) of 86.9% and a comprehensive pass rate (A, B, C, or D) of 93.9%.
  • Achieved an 87% pass rate in the reading intervention course sections of GEN 105
  • Adopted a new Townsend Press textbook with interactive exercises for GEN 105
  • Achieved a 91% pass rate among Brown Forman Engineering Academy in their first Engineering math class (4th straight year of serving at-risk Engineering students)
  • Achieved a 91% pass rate among Calculus Preview Program participants in their first Engineering math class(12th straight year of success)
  • Successfully transitioned all of our academic support services and courses online in mid-March due to COVID-19

Moreover, the critical academic support and retention initiatives we offer at UofL are positively impacting students’ course grades, cumulative GPA, retention rates, and graduation rates. In fact, students who take full advantage of REACH significantly outperform non-users. Furthermore, these services are proving invaluable in helping us meet the university’s 21st Century Initiative and contributing to the university’s performance-based funding model.

Lastly, this report provides a targeted look at our services and the data that helps define the impact we are having on students’ success (comprehensive data on any of our programs will be provided upon request). We welcome any questions you might have about this report or the services we provide.

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