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Studying and Social Distancing

As we all look ahead to a spring semester finished entirely online, it’s clear that our efforts to practice social distancing must also be applied to study groups. Remember, social distancing is crucial because it helps to eliminate links in the chain of disease transmission. Preliminary studies are showing that 3 out of 4 people hospitalized for COVID-19 were infected by someone who was asymptomatic. So we must be vigilant in social distancing, even when we have good reason to believe that we ourselves are well.

In this time when many of us may feel isolated, studying in groups is as important as ever, and probably more! Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to study together without physically being together.

Whatever you choose, please remember to support one another, to exercise caution, and to be patient with others and yourself during this unusual time. We are all going to need one another to get through this pandemic, so be supportive, be positive, and study hard!


Studying together could be as simple as calling a friend from your class and talking through what material you’re focusing on and why. Just do your best to stay focused on the task at hand, okay?

Microsoft Teams

Through your university email account you have access to a feature of Microsoft Outlook called Teams. You can plan Group Chats, give live presentations, and chat with other students in your classes all through your university email account.


In this time of remote work and quarantine Zoom has emerged as an industry leader in video conferencing. You don’t need an account to join an existing meeting, but you do need one to start your own! Don’t worry, it’s easy to set up.


Think about setting up a shared blog that can be added to by anyone in your study group. Through this medium you can share ideas, links, articles, and your own study resources as attachment in the same place.


One of the beauties of SimpleNote is that it updates across all platforms and operating systems on which you use it. You can create Notes that may be accessed by everyone in your study group and add to them on your phone while you’re out for a (socially distanced!) jog or while you’re at your laptop in your room.

MS Office Online
Microsoft Office Online

Microsoft Office Online has a ton of features for collaboration. Build a collaborative study guide together to make sure that everyone in your study group has everything they need to finish the semester strong.
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