Technical Assistance

REACH tutors can help students with most of the technologies found on campus. Watch for the Computer Resource Center flyers and announcements for free workshops on ways to enhance your computer skills.

Connecting to the Network

REACH tutors can show you how to choose the right network settings on your device,

Email, Blackboard, Ulink

REACH offers undergraduate students assistance with accessing and managing university email, using Blackboard, and understanding Ulink.

Course Software - Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SPSS, R, Visual Studio, etc.

The REACH CRC tutors in both the ALC and Ekstrom locations are technically profecient and usuallt quite savvy with software. While some people might expect all university graduates to be profecient with the Microdoft Office suite of tools, we've found many students need to quick assistance to get caught up to the latest version. And although we cannot help studnets choose which statistical methods to use on their analysis assignments, we can help students find appropriate tutorials within the s software.