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Geoff Bailey, Exe. Dir. REACH
Geoff Bailey
Executive Director, REACH

REACH Programming Gift Account (G2873)

Purpose: To enable REACH to leverage our current successes by expanding the number of students we serve as well as by responding to their evolving needs in key ways. Such efforts often target low-income and first-generation college students to enhance their college experience and advance their retention and graduation rates. Opportunities include signature events, such as our annual Etiquette Dinner which teaches students how to conduct themselves during formal dining experiences and interviews with employers, as well as through offering scholarships for retention initiatives like our Calculus Preview Program, a four-week summer preparatory experience that prepares incoming students for their first month of Engineering math coursework. It also helps fund key partnerships across campus, such as our mentoring efforts that target at-potential populations, including our Hispanic Latina/o students, and students in transition to the University.

REACH Equipment Upgrades (G2872)

Purpose: To enable REACH to strategically develop and enhance the educational technologies that students utilize in our facilities. Specifically, REACH provides critical software and computer equipment to students in support of their academic coursework and projects. This program will enable REACH to strategically upgrade equipment that reflects new priorities, such as establishing collaborative computing spaces in our Computer Resource Centers.

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