REACH Ambassadors

The REACH Ambassadors are comprised of 4 dedicated sections: the General Ambassadors, the Cardinal Covenant Ambassador s, the Latino Ambassadors, and the SMART Ambassadors. Each of these sections focuses on mentoring specific student populations, providing experienced mentors who have recently gone through or had similar experiences as the students that they mentor. REACH Ambassadors help ease students’ college transitions, help them form campus connections and facilitate student success at UofL. They offer students valuable insights and support for academic and personal matters likely to be encountered as new or returning students.  Additionally, the Ambassadors sponsor fun activities and service learning events that enable students to meet others and become more engaged. Click here to learn more about our programs and the ways our peer mentors can support your success at UofL!

What is Peer Mentoring?

Peer mentoring is a form of mentorship that allows those that have gone through a specific experience to share their knowledge in order to better help and support those going through similar situations. This relationship not only provides helpful hints on how to work through the individual college journey but also presents the opportunity for a strong friendship to form.

Benefits of Connecting with Your REACH Ambassador

Connecting with your REACH Ambassador can provide you with several wonderful opportunities! All of our programs provide benefits such as:

  • Regular communication and connection with fellow students
  • Introduction to academic & campus resources
  • Leadership opportunities through campus organizations
  • Resources to support successful college transitions
  • Providing a resource during your college career and beyond

The REACH Ambassadors are located in the REACH Welcome Center in Strickler Hall. They work 3-4 hours per week during the fall and spring semesters. Students are welcome to stop to meet with their Ambassador during their office hours or contact their Ambassador directly to schedule a time outside of office hours to meet.

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Become a REACH Ambassador

Ambassadors help ease students’ college transitions, help them form campus connections and facilitate student success at UofL. They provide support, leadership, and advice through their mentoring while gaining valuable skills and opportunities. As an Ambassador you can gain valuable leadership, communication and organizational skills experience through their work as peer mentors. Ambassadors gain stronger connections to campus and students, networking opportunities, and soft skills.
Each spring, REACH hires Ambassadors for the upcoming academic year. Check back in February for the application and more information.