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GEN104 for College Math

GEN104 reviews Algebra content and math study strategies with curriculum specifically designed for entry-level University of Louisville mathematics courses for STEM majors (which require MATH 111 or a MATH course other than MATH 105).

Students receive 1 hour of college credit (elective credit only) for GEN 104, which meets 2 days a week for 50 minutes sessions.

 Course components include the following:

    • Customized curriculum based on pre-assessment testing.
    • Computer-aided instruction with online homework and assessments.
    • One-on-one assistance from mathematics tutors and instructors.
    • Topics required for entry-level mathematics courses.
    • Both face to face and email communication.

GEN 104 is open-ended; students can complete their required course curriculum and demonstrate mathematics competency through testing at any time.  Students who are unable to demonstrate competency in one semester will be required to re-enroll in GEN 104 for a subsequent semester and until they have achieved competency for their entry-level mathematics course.

For more information about GEN 104, please see the GEN 103/104 Flyer.

Questions about GEN 104:  Please contact the course administrator (Jonathan Watkins) at or 852-8099.

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