REACH - University of Louisville

Learning Assistants

Assistant Director

Karen Seng Carrow

Karen Seng-Carrow Strickler Hall, Room 244
University of Louisville
Louisville, KY  40292
Office: 502-852-8134
Fax: 502-852-4184

Graduate Student Assistant(s)

Kara Keeton

Kara Keeton
Major: Public Health
Year: GR
Goal(s): My career goal is to obtain an epidemiology position at an international public health organization.
Interests: Traveling‚ being outdoors‚ reading
Hometown: Cincinnati‚ OH

Student Staff

Kara Carmichael

Kara Carmichael
Major: Biology
Year: GR
Goal(s): Forensic Anthropologist
Interests: Forensic Anthropology‚ Immunology‚ music‚ sports‚ biking
Hometown: Louisville

Chris Klaes

Chris Klaes
Major: Anthropology
Year: GR
Goal(s): Research in molecular anthropology.
Hometown: Clearwater‚ FL

Carrie Reidy

Carrie Reidy
Major: Anthropology
Year: SR
Goal(s): Professor/teaching position and research in Bio-Anthro
Interests: Reading‚ writing‚ and playing with my daughter
Hometown: Louisville‚ KY

Jimmy Rush

Jimmy Rush
Major: Psychology
Year: JR
Goal(s): To become a clinical psychologist and help people and make a difference in people's lives. Psychology is a way to fulfill that.
Interests: Music‚ movies‚ video games‚ psychology
Hometown: Louisville‚KY

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