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Learning Assistance

The Learning Assistance (LA) program is similar to Supplemental Instruction. Tutors, called Learning Assistants, attend each class for a given course and section. Then, LAs either hold office hours each week for students to "drop in" for tutoring support, or they hold weekly study/review sessions. LAs hold exam review sessions before every major exam. The LA may also assist the professor with tasks associated with class and exam preparation.


  • ANTH 201-01‚02‚ 03
  • ANTH 202-02
  • ANTH 204-01‚ 02

Business Statistics

  • BSTA 201-01‚02‚03


  • ECON 201-05‚ 06


  • PSYC 201-01‚ 02

LA and SI Flyer

Office: 502-852-8134
Fax: 502-852-4184

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Hours & Location

Determined by individual tutors
Please refer to course and section pages for details.