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Mentor And Veteran Students Program

The REACH MAVS Program is a mentoring program that helps military student veterans succeed at the University of Louisville. The MAVS Program is part of the network of REACH Ambassador Peer Mentor Programs at UofL. The MAVS Program focuses on mentoring new incoming student veterans, although any undergraduate student veteran can join the program. This program is a free service provided for our student veterans.

Mentors for the MAVS Program are trained and certified to mentor student veterans enrolled at the University of Louisville. Their mission is to help our student veterans transition and acculturate to our university campus. The MAVS office is located in the Welcome Center of Strickler Hall, room 126J. All veteran students are welcome to come by to talk with a mentor, find out more about the program, and meet fellow student veterans.

Our Mission:

  • Help veteran students transition from a military to an academic career.
  • Connect and acculturate veteran students to a university campus.

Our Goals:

  • Provide support, direction, advice to veteran students
  • Connect veteran students to campus resources, fellow veteran students, and faculty and staff
  • Use first-hand experience and knowledge about a wide-range of veteran issues to help our student veterans

Benefits of Having a Veteran Mentor

  • Learn more about academic and campus resources
  • Regular communication with veteran peers
  • Form connections with fellow veterans
  • Sense of community with fellow veterans
  • Connection and acculturation to campus
  • Assistance transitioning from a military to an academic career

When Does the Program Start?

  • Your veteran mentor will begin contacting you during Welcome Week and will continue until the last week of the spring semester.
  • If you requested a mentor during the fall or spring semester, you will be contact by your new mentor approximately one week after submitting your request for a mentor.

Continued Connection with Your Mentor

  • Veteran mentors will connect weekly with their student veterans through their Cardmail account
  • Mentors and mentees can also connect through in-person meetings during office hours or around campus
  • Lastly, mentors and mentees can connect through social media, texting and more if they would like

Become a Veteran Mentor

  • Student veterans can apply to be a veteran mentor after their first year at UofL
  • Veteran mentors are typically hired during the spring semester to work the following fall and spring semesters

Benefits of Becoming a Veteran Mentor

  • Be a part of UofL’s team of veteran mentors
  • Foster a sense of community with fellow veterans
  • Serve as an empowered student veteran
  • Help veterans transition to their college career
  • Become a certified peer mentor
  • Earn competitive student pay

To Apply to Become a Veteran Mentor:
Complete the online application or print and fill out an application and return to:
Leighann R. Valdez
Coordinator, Ambassador Programs
Strickler Hall, Room 126
University of Louisville

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Hours & Location

REACH Ambassador Lounges
Strickler Hall 126I & 126J
Phone: 852-6706

Fall & Spring
Mon. - Thurs. 9:00am - 4:00pm
Fri. 9:00am - 3:00pm
If you have questions, contact Leighann Valdez.

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