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Peer Mentoring

Who We Are:

The REACH Ambassadors are peer mentors who help first year students connect and succeed at the University of Louisville.

Ambassadors are second-year students trained and certified to mentor first-year and transfer students enrolled at the University of Louisville. Their job is to help students negotiate the transition to the UofL community by providing support, leadership and advice and helping new students connect to the university faculty, staff and services.

All students are welcome to come by the REACH Ambassador Lounges
(in Strickler 126I and 126J) to talk with an Ambassador, or simply to have a quiet, comfortable place to study.

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Quotes from first year students:

Our Mission:

  • To help first year students connect and transition to university life
  • To help first year students develop leadership skills and take on leadership opportunities

We do this by:

  • Providing students with support, leadership and advice
  • Connecting students to campus, fellow students, campus events & resources and leadership opportunities

Advantages of Mentoring

Studies have shown that students who are connected to campus generally have a higher grade point average and a more enjoyable time in college.

Students who are connected to campus are more likely to:

  • Get better grades
  • Have a better undergraduate experience

Mentees will also:

  • Meet other students
  • Receive invitations to leadership and service learning events
  • Enjoy support from fellow students and new friends
  • Enjoy access to two Ambassadors lounges to meet up with your mentor
  • Enjoy free food at Ambassador events

Who Is Eligible to Participate in the REACH Ambassador Program?

Mentees may be any first year or transfer student in degree status, regardless of college, major, ethnicity or academic status.

How Do I Get A Mentor?

  • All first year students receive their REACH Ambassador at the end of the summer as the CAPS Peer Mentoring Program ends and Welcome Week begins.
  • First year and transfer students can also sign up anytime during the fall and spring if they do not already have a mentor.

When Does Your Mentoring Begin?

  • Your Ambassador will begin contacting you during Welcome Week to invite you to great Welcome Week events and be with you as you transition into your first week of classes through the last week of the spring semester.
  • If you requested a mentor during the fall or spring, you will be contacted by their new mentor approximately one week after submitting your request for a mentor.

How Do You Continue to Connect with Your Mentor?

  • Through weekly emails with your UofL email account and/or through Facebook
  • Through in-person contacts around campus or the Ambassador office
  • Through texting or even Skype
  • Events!  The Ambassador Program holds several signature events, as well as, multiple service-learning events throughout the year that you are invited to attend.

How do I Sign Up?

Complete the online form or print and fill out a form and mail to:

University of Louisville
REACH Ambassador Program
Strickler Hall, Room 126
Louisville, KY 40292
Attn: Leighann Valdez


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Hours & Location

REACH Ambassador Lounges
Strickler Hall 126I & 126J
Phone: 852-6706

Fall & Spring
Mon. - Thurs. 9:00am - 4:00pm
Fri. 9:00am - 3:00pm
If you have questions, contact Leighann Valdez.

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Become an Ambassador

Find out if REACH is hiring new Ambassadors, what the qualifications are, and how to apply!

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Freshmen LEAD

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Become a Mentee

Apply to get mentoring from a REACH Ambassador:

Fill out the online form
Print and mail the form


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