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Freshmen LEAD and REACH Ambassador Collaboration

The REACH Ambassadors and Freshmen LEAD Programs work in collaboration to create and enhance their programs for students, with greater opportunities for leadership training and university service.

Students enter into a two-year program, beginning as participants in the Freshmen LEAD Program and continuing in the following year to develop their leadership skills in the REACH Ambassador Program. Freshmen LEAD participants will bring their acquired leadership skills and previous leadership experiences to their new roles as peer mentors to first-year students. While peer mentors, these students will have the opportunity to refine their leadership skills and to demonstrate leadership through university service.

Why the Collaboration?

A great deal of research has been done to demonstrate the benefits of student and academic affairs collaboration. These collaborations have been shown to be increasingly important in aiding the retention and the personal and academic development of students. Integrating first and second-year programs can promote leadership development and the continued development of leadership beyond the first year. This helps to foster more well-rounded and better-developed students, serving to enhance themselves and the university, while better preparing them for the world after college.

About the Programs

The Freshmen LEAD Program is an intensive one-year leadership development program for first year students at UofL. Students are selected during their first semester as students at UofL. Students selected to be in the Freshmen LEAD Program are given the opportunity to learn leadership skills such as setting goals and objectives, thinking critically, and managing time and stress which also assist them in developing an ethical and responsible leadership style. Students apply during the fall semester to be in the 2 year Freshmen LEAD/REACH Ambassador Program.

The REACH Ambassador Program is a paid one-year service program for students in their second year at UofL. Ambassadors are primarily comprised of students who transition from the Freshmen LEAD Program into the Ambassador Program, however, other students are eligible to apply as well. Ambassadors are selected and trained during the spring semester of their first year. Students in the REACH Ambassador Program serve as peer mentors for first-year students and work to recruit these mentees during the Summer Orientations and Welcome Weekend. The Ambassadors’ role is to help mentees negotiate a successful transition to UofL by providing support, friendship, advice, and by helping these new students connect to university faculty, staff and services.

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Hours & Location

REACH Ambassador Lounges
Strickler Hall 126I & 126J
Phone: 852-6706

Fall & Spring
Mon. - Thurs. 9:00am - 4:00pm
Fri. 9:00am - 3:00pm
If you have questions, contact Leighann Valdez.

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