A wide variety of free tutoring services for currently enrolled students

Scheduled Tutoring

REACH provides both on-site and on-line tutoring services free of costs to currently enrolled undergraduate students at the University of Louisville. Students can schedule an appointment for these small group tutoring sessions for most 100-, 200-, and some 300-level undergraduate courses in all majors. On-site tutoring appointments take place on campus in Belknap Academic Building Rm 250.

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Drop-In Tutoring

Tutoring for Mathematics and Computer Science courses is available without an appointment. Students can stop by the Math Resource Center (MRC) for student assistance with mathematics courses, including help with homework questions, practice problems, and exam analysis. Tutors in the three Computer Resource Center (CRC) locations can assist students with general computer-related issues, as well as specific coursework questions from College of Business and J.B. Speed School of Engineering.

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On-Line Tutoring

REACH offers undergraduate students the option of Online Tutoring for all online courses and onsite courses offered through the LRC. Our online tutoring sessions make getting help easy and convenient. Online tutors use chat and/or video chat to help students. Sessions are conducted using GoBoard created for online tutoring.

You can sign up for on-line tutoring sessions by using the Online Tutoring Request Form

Large Group Tutoring

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a series of weekly review and discussion sessions attached to specific courses that are historically difficult for students. SI integrates how to learnwith what to learn. The SI sessions allow students to get extra help beyond the normal classroom. SI is entirely voluntary and free. The sessions are designed for large groups.