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GEN105 for College Reading


The state-wide, college readiness standard in college reading is a 20 ACT Reading sub score. In compliance with state law, the university requires that all university first-year, degree-seeking students with less than 24 credit hours who are admitted with reading deficiencies participate in placement testing and course registration as determined by their placement test results.


Students with an ACT Reading sub score of less than 20 (or an SAT Critical Reading score of less than 470) MUST take the Reading COMPASS exam. The exam serves as a second predictor of college reading readiness.

Students whose scores on the Reading COMPASS exam are less than 85 will be required to register for GEN 105, "Special Topics in Supplemented College Reading." Advisors working with students are obliged to assist them in developing an individual schedule of classes that meets this state mandate and university requirement.
  • GEN 105 provides an intervention for college reading. Students who enroll in this course will receive 2 hours each week of supplemented instruction in college reading, critical thinking, and study strategies. Students receive 1 hour of college credit (elective credit only) for GEN 105. Students will receive 3 hours of college credit for successful completion of the general education course section linked to GEN 105.
  • Students enrolled in GEN 105 will attend the general education lecture course for 3 hours each week and will attend GEN 105 for 2 hours each week. Students will attend a total number of 5 hours of class each week for these linked courses.
The Reading COMPASS exam is available to take by appointment only at the UofL Testing Services at any time before course registration. It is highly recommended that local students contact Testing Services and schedule an appointment for this exam. The Reading COMPASS exam may also be available at a testing center close to your place of residence that would be willing to transfer your COMPASS score to UofL Testing Services. For more information on this option, please contact UofL's Testing Services.

Students who do not meet the college readiness standard in reading and who score less than an 84 on the Reading COMPASS exam or do not take the Reading COMPASS exam will be required to register for GEN 105. If a Reading COMPASS exam score of 85 or higher is presented to the GEN 105 coordinator prior to the last date for drop/add in a given semester, placement will be reconsidered for that semester.

Options for Fall 2012:

  • #8304 GEN 105-01 Supp College Reading - Biology meets on TTh 9:30 to 10:45 (Biology 102-01, SK102) and 11:00 to 11:50 (GEN 105, SK111)
  • #8305 GEN 105-02 Supp College Reading - Psychology meets on TTh 1:00 to 2:15 (Psycholog 201-01, SK102) and 2:30 to 3:20 (GEN 105, SK111)

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