REACH - University of Louisville

Timesheet Submission Instructions

  1. Download the blank timesheet onto your computer.  Right click and choose "save as" to choose the location where you will save it.
  2. Fill out the timesheet.  You will need to enter your full name, your employee ID, your program name, the starting date of the pay period, and the times you worked.  You will also need to type your name where you would normally sign.
  3. Save the timesheet.  In Microsoft Excel, you will need to choose "file" then "save as" to save the file.  Save your file as your LAST NAME (surname).  Do not save the file as any other name.
  4. Using your university email account (netmail), attach this saved document and mail it to your supervisor.  It is imperative that you use a University account so your identity can be confirmed.
  5. It is important that timesheets be submitted in a timely manner.  Timesheets submitted after the cutoff time will be processed during the following pay period.  Primary REACH Supervisors:

If you need any assistance completing any of these instructions, please consult with one of our tutors in the REACH Computer Resource Center.  If you need further help, please see your supervisor.

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