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Please see one of the graduate students who will take your photo during training. If you missed training, you must arrange for a “make-up” photo with your coordinator.

Personal Biographical Sketch

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In preparation for the upcoming semester, we would like to collect the following from you: a digital photo, a short biographical sketch, and some contact information. The photo and biographical sketch will be included on the REACH website and on bulletin boards in the various center areas. We also need accurate and local contact information so we can contact you throughout the semester. Only REACH staff will use the contact information. Thank you for your assistance.

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I hereby authorize the University of Louisville's REACH program to photograph myself. I understand that these photos may be used for publication purposes in the REACH newsletter, display board, and/or website. Any copyrights arising from the aforementioned publications shall remain the property of University of Louisville. No photographs will be sold or used for any for-profit purpose. I waive all rights I may have for claims for payment in connection with any use of said photographs. My agreement indicates my approval of this usage and that I am 18 years of age or older.

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If you do not want to have your photo on the REACH website or display board, you must contact the Executive Director, Geoff Bailey.