REACH - University of Louisville

REACH Tutor Training

Two-Day Tutor Training Fall

At the beginning of each academic year, REACH holds two days of tutor training. The first day is spent orienting the tutors to the mission and goals of REACH, reviewing learning styles, and providing general tutoring basics. The second day provides campus speakers and breakout sessions, where each center meets as a group and discusses their specific area and how to best meet the needs of the students who take advantage of that particular service. These two days not only provide information about tutoring with REACH, but also allow an opportunity for the tutors to begin to develop relationships with one another.

One-Day Tutor Training Spring

One day of tutor training is held at the beginning of each spring semester. This one-day event continues the information from the two-day training. During the first part of the day, campus updates are discussed and tutoring basics are covered. Then, tutors break out into small groups for center-specific information for the second part of the day.

Online Blackboard Training

In addition to attending the two-day training, all tutors are required to use the REACH Blackboard Tutor Training course to complete a module on Diversity Training & Sexual Harassment. These modules are completed by the student and then graded by REACH staff. If the modules are completed successfully, the tutor then becomes eligible for a slight pay increase.

The Blackboard Tutor Training course is required for tutors who were unable to attend new tutor training or who were hired after this training took place. Modules on the Blackboard course cover the topics and basic information from training so that tutors will be given the same information as those who attended the new tutor training. In addition, new tutors who miss scheduled training are required to meet with their coordinator to obtain center-specific information.

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