REACH Welcome Center

The Welcome center is hub of activity!

The REACH Welcome Center, located in Belknap Academic Building Room 104, is dedicated to providing a variety of student support services. The front desk staff is available to answer your questions regarding REACH programs and services, as well as any questions you may have regarding the University at large.

In addition, the Welcome Center provides the following services for FREE:

  • Coffee
  • Newspapers
  • Computer Workstations
  • Pencils, stapling, hole-punching
  • First Aid
  • Lost and Found drop-off for Strickler Hall

The next time you are looking for information, general assistance, a study area, or just a place to socialize, remember the REACH Welcome Center has it all in one convenient location. Stop by and check us out!

Questions? Contact Greg Carmichael by email form or by phone at 502-852-7530.