REACH Values

REACH is dedicated to promoting the intellectual and personal growth of undergraduate students. We are guided in this service by the principles of honesty, responsibility and reliability. We treat each other ethically, accepting differing opinions in an atmosphere of trust. We earn the trust of the campus community by keeping our commitments and using open communication. We welcome and respect the culturally diverse student population we serve, and promote inclusiveness because we believe diversity enriches the learning experience. We create a REACH community of professional, classified and student staff through teamwork, and responsible partnership. In a cooperative spirit, we foster an organizational culture consistent with the university's mission, vision and values. We believe in the need to improve our effectiveness and efficiency through continuous evaluation, assessment, and the refinement of our programs and services to meet students' needs. We achieve excellence by making decisions based on information: qualitative and quantitative data analysis and the exploration of new ideas and practices. We strive to provide leadership that is proactive, effective, reliable and responsive. We celebrate the accomplishments of our staff and students, strive to recognize their achievements, and mentor co-workers and student employees. We support student, staff and faculty engagement.