In keeping with REACH's third goal, improving university persistence rates for undergraduate students is a significant focus of our work. Below are the numerous programs and services that REACH offers to help fulfill this goal.

Our Retention Programs include:

Intervention Courses

GEN 104 - TBA

GEN 105 - TBA

REACHout Celebrations

REACHout events provide an opportunity for REACH to promote its academic services and programs to the general student population. REACH provides candy, snacks, and drinks to students in the Strickler Hall lobby. There are also handouts with program and seminar schedules for students to take. Photos from REACHout events and other activities are available in the Photo Gallery. Find out more about the REACHout Program.

Student Success Seminars

REACH is all about academic success! This becomes evident in the emphasis placed upon the acquisition and refinement of college-level study strategies.

The term "study strategies" refers to those behaviors, practices and habits that enable students to become more efficient and effective learners for maximum academic success. The strategies presented have been demonstrated to improve learning, memory, and retention. Students are encouraged to employ them in their studies and in preparation for their tests.

The Student Success Seminars provide an overview and examples of appropriate strategies for university students to incorporate into their various content areas-options which assure student success while allowing students to address their preferred learning style.

Please go to the Student Success Seminars page from more information.

Finals Blitz

Finals Blitz is students' opportunity to take advantage of the free tutoring, test reviews and study skills services that REACH provides for all undergraduate students. Special small group tutoring, Test Reviews, Supplemental Instruction, and Learning Assistance sessions are offered during the last week of class and the final exam period.

Academic Mentoring by Request

Contact Mark Woolwine or call 852-2320 for more information.