Awards and Certifications

REACH, The University of Louisville's central academic support unit, recently received its three-year certification renewal from the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA). Through 2015, REACH will remain one of the 1,000 Tutor Training programs worldwide to gain certification under the CRLA. For students and staff at the University of Louisville, this is good news. It means that highly motivated and skilled tutors are available for free through REACH.

About the CRLA

The CRLA is an association of student-oriented professionals in the fields of reading, learning assistance, developmental education, and tutorial services aimed at the college/adult level. The association has sponsored the rigorous International Tutor Training Certification Program since 1989 with the goal of setting a standard of skills and training for tutors as well as establishing an internationally recognized channel to recognize and award tutors and programs committed to successful tutoring practices. With the CRLA Program Certification, REACH can now award CRLA certificates to individual tutors, recognizing their completion of Level I (regular) and Level II (advanced) tutor training, which includes building skills in areas such as communication, effective questioning, learning style assessment, multicultural competency, and productive tutoring techniques. CRLA Program certification also provides individual tutors with transferable skills recognized at universities and colleges nationwide.

The CRLA's International Training Program Certification is endorsed by the Association for the Tutoring Professional, the National Tutoring Association, the Commission XVI of the American College Personnel Association, the National Association for Developmental Education, and the American Council of Developmental Education Associations.