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GEN104 for College Math

GEN104 reviews Algebra content and math study strategies with curriculum specifically designed for entry-level University of Louisville mathematics courses for STEM majors (which require MATH 111 or a MATH course other than MATH 105).

Students receive 1 hour of college credit (elective credit only) for GEN 104. 

  • GEN 104 meets 2 days a week for 50 minutes sessions.

 Course components include the following:

    • Computer-aided instruction based on individual need
    • Topics required for entry-level mathematics courses
    • Both face to face and email communication
    • Homework, both online with computer software and in a printed course pack
    • Mini-lectures and peer group work.
  • GEN 104 is open-ended; students can complete their required course curriculum and demonstrate mathematics competency through COMPASS testing at any time.
    • A student who is unable to demonstrate competency in one semester will be required to register again for GEN 104 for a subsequent semester and until the student has achieved competency for the first appropriate general education mathematics course required for the major.
    • Students can test for possible placement into entry-level math courses throughout the semester.

    For more information about GEN 104 and COMPASS testing, please see the GEN104 Flyer.

    Questions about GEN104:  Please contact Jonathan Watkins, Coordinator, GEN 104 @ or 852-8099.

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