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Instructions for using SAGE

You can also download these instructions as a PDF file or as a Word document here.


STEP 1. Begin by going to (this link opens in a new window). You will be directed to the REACH data management website TutorTrac. You do not need the www. in front of the Web address.

STEP 2. At the TutorTrac Log-in Screen, (1) type your ULINK username and password in the indicated fields, (2) select Log-in (See screen shot below).

To Check the Status of a Referral:

STEP 3. At the TutorTrac Welcome Screen, select Click here to view usage
report for your students.

STEP 4. At the Search for Students screen, you can enter filtering information to generate a report for the particular students you wish follow-up on.  This report will allow you to review which of your students have visited REACH.  Student visit information is broken down by ID number, student name, date, time, center, duration, subject, and reason of their visit (See screen shot below).

You can filter by two options

  1. If you want to examine only one student, enter their student ID in the designated field, otherwise leave it blank.
  2. If you want to examine multiple students in the same course.  Enter your course information in the following format MATH200-Haddock. Note: You must put your last name after the hyphen when entering your course information.
  3. Enter the date range you wish to look at.



STEP 5. Select Continue to generate your report. If you teach more
than one section of a course, all sections will appear together. TutorTrac
does not separate courses by section numbers (See screen shot below).



STEP 6. You can export the report to Excel by right clicking with your
mouse and selecting Export to Microsoft Excel.

To Close/Log-out of the system

STEP 7. Select Go To from the menu bar (upper left hand corner). From
the drop down box, select Main Menu. Select Exit from the main
menu screen (upper right hand corner).


For assistance please contact:

Michael Grillo
Research Analyst Senior
Strickler Hall, Room 328

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